Our Story

The story really starts back in 1989. The Bash Brothers. A Dennis Eckersely fist pump. An Oakland A’s World Series title. I was hooked. Fast forward about 25 years and the love for the game of baseball came full circle. 

My son discovered a passion for pitching, and it never wavered. From the cold April Little League games and his first knee-buckling curveball to late night dry reps in the garage and college showcases. He loved the “PO” lifestyle. Velo. Leg days. Bullpens. Everything about it. Meanwhile, I wanted to start my own entrepreneurial journey. It was a perfect match. 

Pitchers Only, the brand for pitchers, was born.

The long car rides to travel practice served as time to strategize, brainstorm about designs and, of course, chat about pitching. 

While the journey at Pitchers Only is just getting started, the vision is clear. Pitchers Only wants to create a community for POs around the world and provide a high quality, fashionable brand they are proud to wear and support.


Father and son sitting in bleachers at baseball field. Pitchers Only.


Chris Hunn - Founder